Through a Glass Darkly was a collaboration between the Ordered Universe Research Project, Durham University  and the University of Sunderland, National Glass Centre. Members of the Ordered Universe worked with Dr Cate Watkinson and Dr Colin Rennie, of the Department of Glass and Ceramics, and their undergraduate and postgraduate students. Cate runs her own glass studio, Watkinson Glass Associates, with commissions ranging from decorative panel installations to major public sculptures. She is especially concerned with sustainability, multi-media and sculpture in steel, stone and light. Colin’s artistic interests are focused on the translation of scientific ideas into real world models, and speaks to the perception of science in modern society. This overlaps intriguingly and excitingly with the interests of the Ordered Universe project in its concern to provide a deeper narrative of science, informed by humanities research, and to reinforce the place of science in our historical and contemporary narratives, enshrining both as creative processes of discipline and imagination.

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