Ps in a Pod – A Documentary about Sculptor Louise Plant

This documentary film about sculptor Louise Plant was shot over a year in Devon, Halifax and County Durham. It captures the creative process behind the development of Louise’s Ps in a Pod sculptures.

Ps in a Pod are sculptures by artist Louise Plant. Moving away
from static sculpture in a gallery and into public spaces, they embody human energy, movement and fun.

Like human beings Ps have a sense of adventure and freedom. Appearing generally similar, each P is unique in form and differs slightly to all-others- Just like people.

The sculptures began life as plaster models in Plant’s studio 1n
Devon. From her drawings exploring ideas about individuality and difference, Plant created dozens of small models. Three models were chosen, refined and then eniarged to a scale suitable for the planned locations.

The enlargement involved fixing hard foam onto a core skeleton of welded
steel rods. The foam was carved and sanded to form the shape of the
sculptures. Plaster impregnated glass fibre sheets were layered over the
foam to create a strong surface skin. Further layers of specialist plaster were then painted onto the surface to build sculptural volume. Finally the Ps were rasped, filed and sanded to give a smooth continuous surface with no beginning or end. The enlarged Ps were then transported to Yorkshire for mould making andcasting at Hargreaves Foundry, Halifax.

The significance of iron in county Durham’s history meant that iron was a perfect material for the Ps in a Pod sculptures.

P sculptures respond to their environment. Ps in a Pod had been displayed at Nose’s Point, Seaham, Wharton Park,Durham, Bishop Auckland Town Centre and Hamsterley Forest showing the diversity of County Durham’s landscape.

Whilst the Ps sculpture travelled round County Durham we worked with many schools and community groups through a range of workshops and activities exploring what makes us the same and what makes us different.



Durham County Council




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