Rewriting The Hack

Short hackumentary which was filmed, edited and produced over one day at the “Rewriting The Hack” event.

Rewriting the Hack took place on 21-22nd November at The Core, Science Central in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Rewriting the Hack was a Women Only Hackathon exploring the theme, Industrial and Post Industrial North East. The two day event examined the Hackathon format as a site for producing collaborative, interdisciplinary art strategies and explored issues surrounding diversity in an increasingly popular model of creative production. Participants created with archival materials relating to the NE regions industrial heritage and current, open data sets, which represent our post industrial present. Challenging perceptions that Hackaton events as well as histories of our industrial past and our scientific and technological present are male dominated.
Rewriting the Hack is curated and produced by digital artist Shelly Knotts and curator Suzy O’Hara with support from Victoria Bradbury. The event was part of Inhabiting the Hack a Communities and Culture Network project.
Rewriting the Hack was funded by RCUK Digital Economy. Materials and equipment kindly provided by our wonderful partners Attaya Projects and House of Objects. Many thanks The Core, Science Central for hosting us. Tyne and Wear Museums, Mining Institute and Newcastle City Library for supporting us through their expertise and access to online archival resources.

Joanne Armitage / Aude Charillon / Liz Dobson / Lindsay Duncanson / Eve Forrest / Cally Gatehouse / Hwa Young Jung / Carmin Karasic / Rosa Menkman / Diana Nowacka / Jenny Pickett / Sanjee Ratnatunga / Francesca Sargent

Film by Alan Fentiman